The rigging department at Crowley’s is uniquely qualified to work on your rig. We have the experience, training and knowledge to service your mast and rigging correctly. The sheer volume and variety of rigs that Crowley’s unsteps and steps every year place Crowley’s in a league of it’s own. The experience we have gained over the years providing this service has exposed our riggers to all types of masts and has given them the know-how to service your rig. Lewmar, Selden, Navtec and many other rigging manufacturers count on Crowley’s to service their products in the field. You can count on Crowley’s too.





  • Running rigging
  • Standing rigging
  • Mast stepping
  • Mast replacement
  • Furler replacement
  • Furling installation and repair experts
  • Navtec certified Rod Rigging fabrication facility
  • 40 ton rough terrain crane
  • 80 ft. Aerial man lift for mast up repairs
  • Rod Rigging Cold Heading Press
  • Wiretecknic wire rigging swedger
  • Specialized Navtec hydraulic repair
  • Industry leading mast storage system
  • Harken
  • Lewmar
  • Selden
  • Navtec
  • Navtec certified hydraulic repair
  • Selden Regional Mast Center
  • Lewmar Master Parts distributor


Click Here to download the Crowley's Rigging Reference Spreadsheet.

Fill in your boat data at the top to generate a customized form with calculations for all sail areas, sheet loads, halyard loads, stability ratings and much more. Open the Print Out tab at the bottom to print a copy for your records.


Rigging Services and Price List

Standing Rigging

Mooring Bridle Pricing

Measuring Lifelines for Replacement