Riding the Metra


Metra operates a commuter train that originates in Millenium Park and has a 93rd Street stop just three blocks from Crowley's 95th Street yard. Information can be found at the Metra Rail web site or view a simplified schedule here. Crowley's will be happy to shuttle riders to and from the 93rd Street station.
To get a ride to the station, just stop in the office and ask. To be picked up at the 93rd Street station, just give us a call from your cell phone when you arrive – 773-221-9990.


Arriving By Water





Crowley's Yacht Yard is located 12 miles south of Monroe Street Harbor, two bridges in from the Calumet harbor. Boaters not familiar with the area should use NOAA Charts 14927, 14928 & 14929 for directions and for avoiding hazards. The 68th Street Crib is located at 41°47'10" n 87°31'54" w. The main gap in the Calumet Harbor breakwall is 41°44'17.8" n 87°30'43.5" w. The 92nd Street and 95th Street bridges open on demand. They are manned 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Arriving boaters requiring a bridge lift should hail the 92nd Street bridge tender on VHF Channel 16 after entering the Calumet River. Give the bridge tender your boat name and location, and request a bridge lift. Give commercial traffic a wide berth. If you see other mast-up vessels nearby, try to transit the bridges together. Crowley's Dockmasters will be monitoring VHF Channel 16.