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Mac Flare Kit
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Mac Flare Kit


4 Red Handheld Flares
Designed for use as a short-range distress signal to pinpoint your position in an emergency situation day or night 5 miles away. This flare produces a dense smoke cloud that burns for one minute at 15,000 candelas. Featuring a unique, telescopic handle for a compact and easy to stow design. With simple and clear instructions boaters will find these flares easy to extend and use with the pull wire igniter. Store flares in a dry place on your boat.

2 Red Parachute Flares
They are designed to meet stricter standards set by an international safety organization (SOLAS stands for Safety Of Life At Sea). SOLAS parachute flares ascend to more than 1,000' and burn at a dazzling 30,000 candela for 40 seconds.

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations, which govern many offshore sailboat races, require SOLAS flares as part of a boat’s safety inventory.

Safety Equipment: Visual Distress Signals 3.6.4 A boat shall carry two SOLAS red parachute flares not older than the expiration date.
Safety Equipment: Visual Distress Signals 3.6.5 A boat shall carry four SOLAS red hand flares not older than the expiration date.

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