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Storage customers have access to their vessels weekends only from 8am – 4pm.

Crowley’s storage customers will be allowed access to your vessel Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 4pm. The main gates will be closed. You will need to contact the guard on duty by calling or texting (312) 437-1316 (guard cell phone).


There is limited staff working during the week. All workshops, offices, and the store are closed to traffic.


Spring service and launch.

The work and launch schedule is being delayed on a case by case basis. Some work is moving forward with limited staff working in isolation with protective measures. We anticipate continued delays.


Customers who have already scheduled their spring service and launch will receive priority service and scheduling once the launch season begins. 


Even though it is very difficult to plan for the next few months, we do want to hear from you. As you make decisions about your boating season, let us know. The calls this week have ranged from a few people who want to brave the weather and self-isolate on their boat as soon as possible, to others who have moved their departure date to mid June - all good information for us.


Currently we do not anticipate the harbors opening until May. We are working to complete winter projects and prep boats for a May / June launch season.

You can contact customer service by email.

The service office will remain closed with the staff working remotely.  To contact them, email is the best option. kEncEmailTfswjdfADspxmfzt/dpn

If you must call, voice mail messages will be checked daily.


You can purchase supplies by calling or emailing the ships store.

Your patronage is greatly appreciated. Vince, your personal shopper, is available daily from 8AM to 12PM to take your order for pickup in the store vestibule. Call (773)221-9990 or email kEncEmailDZZTupsfADspxmfzt/dpn to place an order. Please allow at least two hours from time of order until pick upCalling the day before is preferred. No access to the ships store will be allowed.


Bathrooms are available.

The main men’s and women’s bathroom on the south yard near the Travel lift will be the only bathrooms open.  There is also 2 porta-potties, one on the west end of the north wall of Building B and one next to the service office.   There is no access to the store or service office bathrooms.


Play it safe.

Along with all yard rules, please maintain social distancing and respect the schedule and closures.  You should check with the guard on duty at (312) 437-1316 prior to leaving your house if you plan on going to your vessel.

We remain optimistic and greatly anticipate the coming boating season. Stay safe and healthy.



And the Crowley’s Staff